Beauty is Magazine Style

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Easy to use and easy to navigate. The Magazine is all about simple style and trendy looks. Clean lines, with beautiful styling of header and blockquotes.

The Magazine Style layout keeps bloggers in mind, bloggers that want to stand out.

This is the Heading Style 

Use your heading style to set your posts a part.

This is your SubHeading style 

 It breaks up your posts and shows what is the most important.

 This is the smallest heading. 

This is the blockquote, a simple blockquote, but it is effective in how it sets certain parts of the design a part from the rest.

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The Intern’s Handbook, A Thriller by Shane Kuhn #Review

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The Intern's Handbook by Shane Kuhn

John Lago is a hitman. He has some rules for you. And he’s about to break every single one.

John Lago is a very bad guy. But he’s the very best at what he does. And what he does is infiltrate top-level companies and assassinate crooked executives while disguised as an intern.

Interns are invisible. That’s the secret behind HR, Inc., the elite “placement agency” that doubles as a network of assassins for hire who take down high-profile targets that wouldn’t be able to remember an intern’s name if their lives depended on it.

At the ripe old age of almost 25, John Lago is already New York City’s most successful hit man. He’s also an intern at a prestigious Manhattan law firm, clocking 80 hours a week getting coffee, answering phones, and doing all the grunt work actual employees are too lazy to do. He was hired to assassinate one of the firm’s heavily guarded partners. His internship provides the perfect cover, enabling him to gather intel and gain access to pull off a clean, untraceable hit.

Part confessional, part DIY manual, The Intern’s Handbook chronicles John’s final assignment, a twisted thrill ride in which he is pitted against the toughest - and sexiest - adversary he’s ever faced: Alice, an FBI agent assigned to take down the same law partner he’s been assigned to kill.

Published by: Simon and Schuster on 2014-04-08
Narrator: Pete Simonelli
Genres: Fiction, Suspense, Thrillers
Size: 288
Format: Audiobook
Source: Publisher
More Info Links: Amazon :: More Info ::
PJV Rating: four-half-stars

At we accept books in exchange for a review, we also use affiliate links for Amazon.
PJV Quickie: Shane Kuhn’s THE INTERN’S HANDBOOK was unique in its delivery and thrilling in its plotting. I was taken in by Pete Simonelli’s narration, his voice just fit the character so well and it gave this captivating thriller so much more bang.

REVIEW: The Intern’s Handbook is a unique memoir style book, from the point of view of one character who is delivering advice to new recruits within his field of study. That field of study happens to be assassination. John Lago is the main character and he was recruited at a very young age, from within the foster care system, to train in combat, with one goal in mind: assassination.
The company he works for uses the guise of an internship placement and the young recruits play interns so they can get close to their targets and make the assassinations look like the work of “other” parties.

Lago is at the end of his career, he is nearing the age of twenty-five which is the cut-off for playing intern and he’s pretty sure that the company he works for isn’t going to let him go easily. So he begins dictating THE INTERN’S HANDBOOK.

The way Kuhn put it together was great, Lago’s voice is compelling, witty and a bit scary. Lago is a killer and he makes no qualms about his position. He knows what he does is wrong, but he is good at what he does. It is fantastic to be in this guy’s head.
The pacing was also what kept this book going, there were no dull moments and the book twisted and turned leading me down paths that I didn’t even contemplate. I do have to say I was surprised at the end, which rarely happens. Even though the excuse that was given as to why Lago was tricked didn’t seem credible. Spoiler alert…

I just don’t see how a trained killer could be faked by a “realistic” dummy. It was the only point in the story in which I was popped out because it seemed unrealistic.
Narration: Pete Simonelli was great. His voice was perfect to play John Lago, you could even hear the bite and wit in his narration. His voice held a dry and thrilling tone that had killer written all over it. Could roll around in this narration. Enjoyed the heck out of this audiobook.
Great writing, plot, main character and narration, can’t get any better with an audiobook.

Recommended: For adult readers, this is a thriller and in a 1st person narrative, so fans of that style should really enjoy. Fans of David Baldacci and Greg Iles should really enjoy. If you like strong male point-of-views you should also take a look at this baby.
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The Magazine Style Template

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This is the Magazine Style template. It is set up for the look and feel of magazine awesome. You can have six beautiful posts on your front page along with pretty thumbnails of your posts.

Please take note that your sidebar will have to be smaller, because what is shown on your front page is much less.

You will have a Beautiful Streamlined look

Summaries listed on the front page

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Crossing the Line by Megan Hart

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PJV Quickie: An ΓΌber sexy, hot, short read -  just what you should expect with a Harlequin’s RED-HOT-READ. CROSSING THE LINE takes office romance to a new level, switching gender roles and usual romantic tropes to make an original, sexy short.

Crossing the Line by Megan Hart

5 Rules for Sexy Play in the Workplace!

1. Know the company policy;—You just got an opportunity to finally snag that sweet corner office. The last thing you need is a wicked distraction….

2. Don't date your boss-Sure, Jamison Wolfe has a smile that could send a woman into instant orgasmic joy. But more important, he's your strict, control-freakish boss. Your hot, sexy, control-freakish boss.

3. Keep PDA out of the office-Okay, so you slipped up. Once. It was just the temptation of having Jamison at your complete naked mercy.

4. Prepare for the worst-This can't go anywhere. You know it, he knows it. So why stop now?

5. Be discreet-Even when it gets more intense. Even when you push every limit you both possess…
More About the Book:
Series: Cosmo Red Hot Reads
Published by: Harlequin on 2014-06-01
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Size: 80
Format: eARC
More Info Links: Amazon :: Purchase :: More Info ::
PJV Rating: four-stars

At we accept books in exchange for a review, we also use affiliate links for Amazon.
Review: The synopsis sounds very cutesy/contemporary/chick lit – but CROSSING THE LINE is anything but. Hart managed to fit a full-blown romance into 80 pages and include angst, a ton of sexy-time and relationship issues of epic proportions. I’m not usually one for bondage, but I do like it when the woman takes control and this one put this at the top. The main character was that “in-charge” female – yet the romance, well lustmance – was not sacrificed. Then the boss/hero – didn’t fall under the, ‘I’m so sexy, cocky, arrogant, rich’ trope that these office/boss/romance characters usually fall under. It was different, it was believable – it was like getting a little peak into a real couple’s story. I’m usually not one for bondage tales, after the debacle of FIFTY SHADES, but this one was not an in your face lesson about BDSM, again it was just a couple, exploring their new relationship. Take a chance on this one, you might be surprised, but don’t expect the usual.

Recommendations: Adults only, bondage, highly descriptive sex scenes and language. Fans of Lauren Dane, Maya Banks and Jaci Burton should enjoy.
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This is how they look

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